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Bend Some Rules, Re-Invent your signature style


The future of fashion is in smart choices

Brand Philosophy

“SHE” at the workplace, is at her Queendom!

Women today are not content with just being fashionable, they wish to excel as well as influence others with their presence.

Her busy 24 hours schedule, demands an expert, a consultant, an efficient and a visionary partner who assists her in this mission to re-invent herself while establishing a strong personal brand.

An empowered woman, she inculcates fine habits of being sustainable through her lifestyle.

Alcove is that empowering expert, an innovative consultant who she has, as an able partner on her journey.

Core Elements

To a working woman, a place where she spends more of her ‘awake’ hours demands the best of her own self.


Her choices are smart and she believes in certain defined values.


The core elements governing her styling quotiont are


Workplace : Sense of organisation and subtle vibrancy

Re-invent : In a world where change is the only constant, she dare re-inventing her ownself

Sustainable : With a strong belief and care for the future, she wants to practice such habits that give her an edge over others.


Ananya Mitra

Ananya Mitra

Fashion Consultant

Ananya is a qualified fashion designer from a International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) in India and certified stylist from British College of Professional Styling UK.

Her knowledge and passion helps transform clients bringing out the best in them. She has a great sense of fashion dressing and is quite choosy about what to wear to your work suited to your persona.

Keah Nguyen

Keah Nguyen

Self-Image Consultant

Keah is a Self-Image Specialist from Australia. She runs her own business which she found with a mission to empower women to embrace, celebrate and create who they are.
Earlier, she worked for one of the biggest financial companies in Australia.Now, she spends her time helping people with personal styling, personal coaching and personal branding. Clients come away having a renewed sense of who they are and what they are up to in life, with more self-confidence and more self-expression in the world.
Ritu Saluja

Ritu Saluja

Certified Image Consultant

Ms. Saluja is a renowned certified image consultant in India.

She has been prestigious engagements and has been advising premium clients all through.

Her great sense of style and passion for shaping each individual to their best, makes her one of most sought after consultant in the country.

Services We Offer

Consultation for Special Event/Customized Sessions available on request

First Information Report (FIR)

  • This is a unique free service to get tested about your current workplace style.
  • Give your inputs on work, social profile, images.
  • We analyse each and every profile and help you with the preliminary report to get started on the journey to re-inventing you.

Download a SAMPLE REPORT to experience the value first hand


4 hours

  • Starts with an audit of your current wardrobe through a session with an expert.
  • Understanding your concerns and expectations.
  • Exclusive makeup coaching sessions
  • Drawing your makeover schedule and exclusive customised designerwear recommended.
This is a package for getting you started on a journey to re-inventing your workplace persona.


8 hours

  • An indepth understanding of your workplace persona.
  • Experts have sessions to understand the expectations and prioritise areas to work upon.
  • Extra makeup coaching sessions for special occasions and upgraded roles.
  • Options of designerwear and looks discussed and recommended
  • Tips on how to maintain and augment such efforts to improve workplace styling.
This is for a lady who is already into the re-invention mode and wishes to go deeper with making an impact at her work.


Fashionably Sustainable Sari Footprint at Workplace

Styling Concept using Fashionably Sustainable Saris with Alcove Twist/Touch

  • Evaluate dressing style and persona
  • Assess your profile and use a Design Thinking approach to create a look to befit your personality
  • Customize your existing wardrobe to upscale outfit combinations using the traditional Sari and Alcove concept
  • Reinvent workplace attire with customized styling with a touch of ethnicity to suit  your workplace

Alcove Original Lookbook

Explore some of Alcove-Inspiration’s Reinvented Divas. Connect for your Customized Look.

Alcove Journal

The invisible persona definer

The invisible persona definer

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