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Every woman desires to be unique and have a signature style of her own. But such a thought is often forgotten as a luxury and a trait of the rich few or the celebrities!

Today’s woman has undergone a major evolution in terms of her social standing. She manages and dominates the corporate world with equal prowess as she manages the home. The new era Indian working women needs to develop and define her own style. Be at work or at social events, she commands attention and has her presence noticed. Alcove is a partner in the journey to create her signature and define daily style.

To put it simply, we offer clothes. Clothes that the Indian women can wear to work, can wear on semi-formal occasions. We are highly inspired by the “limited edition” concept and our clothes are designed for a special few. As we understand every woman wants to create her own style. And we appreciate her intent, with creating options and limited number of each piece.


Our Services:

  1. We help you in the development and creation of your definite style.
  2. We offer consulting services that help you create a unique formal dressing wardrobe for your own self – selecting pieces from your existing collection, your professional and social demands, with international patterns in definite consideration.
  3. We have team of professionals and laid out systematic processes, assuring personal attention to your needs.

Our design philosophy:

We believe anything elegant and classy needs careful handling and observance of domain disciplines.

Taking your age, body shape, comfort areas, professional and social requirements into consideration, we offer 5-day solution to your office wardrobe with each day defined individually.

  • Styles comprise kurtis with creative pattern, collar, color and accessories.
  • The traditional saree gets an official definition.
  • Interesting concepts of Friday
  • dressing and ethnic dressing days that still portrays the official you.

Take a look at our unique Uber '17 collection of light formal and semi formal wear jackets and accessories.

Reach out to us from the website, give us a buzz on any of our social media accounts and we promise to respond in next 4 hrs time.

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